Beach bamboo yoga mats come from our lifetime passion for making environmentally friendly products that help people live a better, happier lifestyle.  As a longtime yoga practitioner and Lake Tahoe native, I have  enjoyed practicing yoga at the beautiful shores of the "Lake of the Sky."  Wanting to bring the precision of practicing in a studio to the natural environment, I decided to design a product from sustainable materials to satisfy this need.  I think you will agree that our yoga mats bring a super solid foundation to any outdoor environment of your choosing.  Friendly products that help people live a better happier lifestyle  The yoga  mats are designed for the purpose of practicing any type of yoga on the sand if its in Hawaii or Florida.  If  its  just casual yoga  on the beach to a more strenuous Ashtanga practice  these  yoga  mats  provide a firm foundation. My yoga instructors at Mountain  Yoga  have helped me live my dream by providing support for me  in the yoga community at  Lake Tahoe.   I have grattitude  for their  support and would also like to encourage more people to enjoy the health benefits of a yoga practice. 

-Chris. The beautiful photo of Alison Victoria was taken by professional photographer Dylan Silver